B&B L’ Incanto...happy to help you experience the magic of Rome!

All parts of the city can be reached easily and comfortably by subway or by bus.

The apartment is situated in a 19th century. building, with elevator, in a safe and well-to-do part of town, full of shops, restaurants, pubs, cinemas and characteristic nightclubs. The clean, elegantly furnished rooms overlook the ancient ruins of the Horti di Sallustio, all that remain of one of the most impressive constructions of Imperial Rome, the vast monumental gardens that separated the Pincio from the Quirinale.

L'Incanto di Roma B&B, a completely renovated apartment, has charming, spacious rooms with vaulted ceilings and parquet floors.

The B&B have four rooms ,two big bathroom,(men and women) and equipped kitchen! Upon arrival, you will be greeted by Laura in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. They will be happy to help you with information and suggestions to make your stay in Rome as comfortable and pleasurable as possible. Quality is the key!!!


Via Collina, 36 - 06100 Roma - T. +39. 339 740 1820


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